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 Time 4 Paws Price List

All visits will include feeding and providing fresh water for your pet, litter box cleaning, exercise/walk play time and refilling of kongs. 
We will also bring in your mail, newspaper, water house plants and rotate lights if requested.

Dog Services & Rates

$18.00...  Standard dog sitting/walking feeding included (1 to 2 dogs)
$3.00...   Each additional dog
$16.00...  Dog walk-fixed daily
$3.00...   Each additional dog
$15.00...  Puppy breaks (1 to 2)
$2.00...   Each additional puppy

$20.00... Pet taxi service to veterinarian or groomer

             (per 30 minutes)

$65.00... Overnight pet sit (1 to 2 dogs)

$5.00...   Each additional dog

$10.00...  Additional charge for holiday service


No Charge... Administering medications

Cat Services & Rates

$16.00...  Cat sit (1 to 2 Cats) including feeding and cleaning of

              litter box
$2.00...    Each additional cat
$3.00...    Changing of litter box

$10.00...     Additional charge for holiday service


$3.00...    We have also found that from time to time our clients are feeding outside feral cats. We can provide this service at the time of our regular visit for an additional charge.


No Charge... Administering medications

Dog Training & Behavior Rates

No Charge...  Consultation / first meeting
$70.00 Per Session... Basic Obedience training:  Promoting good manners, sit, stay, come, mouthing

$70.00 Per Session... Controlling Jumping, Chewing, Barking

$70.00 Per Session... Interaction with other dogs, cats, people

$70.00 Per Session... Leash and Heel training (includes a professional leash)

$85.00 Per Session... Behavior modification:  biting, growling, situation avoidance, negative behavior correction

$85.00 Per Session... Aggression towards other dogs, people, food

$85.00 Per Session... Introducing your dog to children, and teaching your children to interact with your dog

Special needs or circumstances: Priced individually


Evening and weekend sessions are available. It is recommended that all family members participate in the training process so as to maintain unity when communicating with your dog. Consistency and routine is critical when teaching your dog.

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