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Time 4 Cats

Regular routines just make life more relaxed and comfortable for everyone in the household-including your cat! What seems like a boring existence to you is a routine that means safety and security for your cat. By setting up regular unchanging timetables and procedures for daily events, TIME 4 PAWS provides an environment that is dependable, predictable and organized.

Where there is a change in routines, cats tend to become anxious and nervous. A cat who suddenly starts behaving badly is probably reacting to a change in the household or a cat care routine. 

That is why putting your cat in a boarding facility can be so hard, not only are you gone, but the environment has changed. A better solution if you are going away and leaving your special friend on their own is to keep them at home under the care of TIME 4 PAWS. 

We offer playtime, feeding, litter box changing or just sitting quietly in your kitty’s favorite chair. You tell us what their special routine is and we will make sure they are happy!

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